Advantage Tree Service of Albany, NY offers a wide range of tree services from fruit tree pruning to large, hazardous tree removals via crane

Advantage Tree Service is a locally-owned & operated tree service and tree care company that takes great pride in safety and professionalism. The “Advantage Tree Guarantee” is extended for each and every contract.

Tree Work Services Provided by Advantage Tree Service

Crane Removal Service

Bucket Truck & Crane Services

We’re equipped with a 75′ bucket truck and a 127′ crane for servicing those hard-to-reach trees on your property.

The benefit of a crane or bucket truck for your complicated tree removal jobs is that we can remove trees and tree limbs more safely, without damaging your property.

Crane Removal Services

Crane removal entails a climber going in to the tree and working with the crane operator to remove the tree piece by piece. Each section of the tree is lowered to the ground for the crew to chip the smaller pieces. Our cranes can extend up to 127 feet for hard to reach trees.

Tree Trimming & Tree Thinning

A tree trimming and thinning service is perfect for those trees you want to keep but have dying tree limbs or unhealthy branches.

By trimming your trees and keeping them thin, you can raise a tree canopy, and even extend the life of a tree. Our experienced arborists can trim and taper your bulky trees into something more manageable.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding uses a remote-controlled machine to grind the main area of the stump 6-8 inches below to surface, leaving you with a level area to top soil and seed. This is our preferred method of removal because it is less disturbing to the property and more cost effective to our customers. We can get our stump grinders in to most areas of your property.Stump grinding is our choice for removal because it is less disturbing to the property and more cost-effective to our customers.

Stump grinders remove the main part of the stump just below the surface to allow you to plant new grass seed on a level surface and never know a stump was there!

This is less disturbing than full excavation, but there will still be parts of the stump remaining below 6-8 inches and feeder roots that could extend out over 10 feet from the stump.

We do not recommend replanting trees in the spot where another once existed.

We can get our stump grinding equipment to most areas of your property.

Tree Cabling Services

Tree cabling and tree bracing are both techniques used by arborists to add extra support to a tree with weaker limbs. Using flexible steel cables, we’re able to reinforce your tree branches, making them stronger.

Tree cabling can provide peace of mind for those trees you want to keep around for years to come.

Tree Cables and Braces
Wood Pile

Land Clearing & Logging

Our land clearing and logging services are the perfect option for transforming your wooded lot in to a buildable area. Our team possesses all the skill and equipment necessary to clear your lot of all trees, rocks and brush.

What Our Tree Removal Service Customers Are Saying

Our experienced team of tree removal services will come to your home or business

Advantage Tree Guarantee

Every job will be completed professionally. No job site will be left with ruts, divots, oil stains, or damaged property. Advantage Tree Service will NOT accept any payment until the client is fully-satisfied with the work performed.