Our premium blend of firewood will provide you with consistent, radiant heat.

Our firewood is seasoned for a minimum of one year. Our cords of wood are a pure mixture of Maple, Oak, Cherry, Locust, & Ash.

Wood Pile

Picking Up Firewood

Feel free to pick up a cord of wood (or more). Plus, we provide multiple cord of wood discounts. You can come pick up firewood in small amounts up to full cords, please call to set up a time to meet at the shop.

We can measure out a half yard or full yard scoop of wood for you to load in your vehicle, priced at $35 for a half yard or $70 for a full yard.

Firewood Delivery

Total Price (split & delivered):
Face Cord:
Full Cord: $395.00
(Free Delivery within 5 Miles)

Log Length now available:
$600.00+delivery ~(7-8 Cord per load)

To order online submit a request below with all your information and someone will confirm your order and discuss payment options