We split and sell a premium blend of mixed hardwoods

About Our Firewood Services

When you order you will receive a mixture of premium hardwoods. We do not sell soft wood (pine, poplar etc) split firewood. We recommend purchasing before you run out and keeping wood stored properly for the best experience.

Our wood is cut in the winter to be ready for use the following fall and winter. The wood is stored outside in large piles and is exposed to the elements. We mix and move the piles around to keep the air flowing but there could always be pockets of moisture.

Our wood is cut in the standard 16-18inches with a processer, we are unable to accommodate smaller lengths of wood.

Anyone is welcome to come to the shop at 772 Delaware Ave to inspect the wood prior to ordering!

Proper storage of your wood is key to a great burning fire.

We recommend waiting 5-10 days after delivery to use your wood, after it has been stacked in a dry or covered area with plenty of airflow to dry up any residual moisture from being stored in large piles.

Wood should be stacked near your home but at least 5 feet away so pests can’t get into the house. Keeping a tarp over the wood with it stacked on a pallet or in a wood rack will help promote airflow and keep it dry.


You can come directly to our shop at 772 Delaware Ave to pick up wood, we ask that you call first to ensure someone is available to load. You must have a truck or trailer as we will dump wood directly in with a loader, we are not liable for any damages.

Tree Service Worker

Pickup Firewood Prices

1 yard scoop

  • Approx. 120 pieces – $100.00

½ scoop

  • approx. 65 pieces – $50.00

Prepacked Bags

  • $10.00

Delivery Firewood Prices

We only deliver in quantities of face cord or above, smaller quantities must be picked up.

We deliver within 10miles of Delmar with free delivery within 5 miles

Payment is required upon placing the order.

Full Cord

  • $425.00

Face Cord

  • 1/3 of a cord: $200.00

Delivery Fees

  • 0-5 Miles: Free Delivery

  • 5-10 Miles: $50.00 delivery fee

Log Length Firewood

We offer full truck loads of logs to purchase for firewood so you can save by processing the wood yourself! A full truckload of hardwood logs will produce between 7-8 cords of split wood. This wood will typically be over 20 inches in diameter and will take up a lot of room on your property! These logs are not seasoned and could have been cut down as soon as the week prior. Splitting your own logs into firewood should be a well planned out project so you have enough time for the wood to dry out.

Truck load of logs: $600.00 plus delivery

Delivery is determined upon distance, we do not deliver outside of 20 miles

To order online submit a request below with all your information and someone will confirm your order and discuss payment options